A Practical Guide On
Generating Hellishly
Good Ideas

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What if I tell you

you can think more like them?

A practical guide on generating

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What if you could
think like them?

A realistic multi-perspective guide to fresh extraordinarity
by Paul Sobiecki

Is there an easy way?

Ow, no. Definitely not.

But the extraordinary seem almost too... human
when met in person.

Perhaps that's a coincidence.

Perhaps not...

What will you find in the guide?

Case studies on what specific behavioral algorithms work, what step-by-step changes make the difference.

Everyday people becoming extraordinary.

Business, science and art strategies.

Abundant replication-friendliness.

How is the guide structured?

  • 1. Strategies used by the famous exceptionals
  • Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Feynman
  • 2. Case studies
  • Case 1: The 2 months to learn how to operate with tight deadlines in a highly intellectual creative field
  • Case 2: The 12 weeks to evolve into an idea-generating beast
  • Case 3: The 145 days to go from a being a freelance guy to building an innovatory IT company
  • Case 4: The 2 months to turn a crisis-struggled company onto a real growth path
  • Case 5: The 4 months to go from working at Starbucks to being a full-time artist
  • Case 6: The 9 weeks to change from being an ineffective worker to ultraproductivity
  • Case 7: The 3 months to improve the hard workers' relationship
  • Case 8: The 5 days to start having an unbelievably hard exam session under control
  • Case 9: The 7 weeks to get rid of shyness and withdrawal to start realizing dreams
  • Case 10: The month to start having perfectionism at bay
  • Case 11: The 5 months to learn to be organized and a better problem-solver

Who are we?

We are a team of scientists, computer science engineers and behavioral psychologists.

We conduct analysis of companies' processes. Both on the human side and on the technical.
Sounds boring?

Ow, I asure you, quite the other way around.

We also sprinkle some magic - pioneering level statistics, but ya now. That's a story for another day.

You will get to know

How to become an idea machine
How to become a master problem solver

How to move off the ground with finding an idea
How to look at a problem in a new way

How to improve ideas
How to validate ideas

How to plan a journey towards a goal
How to start

How to combat perfectionism
How to manage your time
How to accelerate towards a goal
How to have a better consistency in results

Our focus

We are focused on how creativity and problem solving works.
The cases always include these aspects, but they are not the be-all and end-all.

The guide has multiple effective strategies used in goal setting, idea validation, time management, decision making, team building and operation.


Our business is based on creativity. Both on the human side of it and the data analysis side.
It required us to go thorugh historical and presently practiced solutions to build a compendium of creativity.

And we did it.

Some of the individuals and teams we worked with were open to sharing their stories. Our CEO, theoretical physicist Paul Sobiecki gathered them in an easily graspable, highly implementable no-fluff guide.

This guide is written person-wise. Thanks to that, you can learn by example and most importantly by how specific strategies were introduced to the wobbliness of real life.

If you want to see the wide-view scope of effective meta-patterns used in goal pursuit and creativity, click the link below to check out our method-wise written first guide.
A practical guide on generating hellishly good ideas

Is there a way to be sure to consistently generate great ideas?


Worse, the internet is saturated with/by completely uneffective strategies.

And it's not the end, it's still worse. Creativity is to some extend genetic.

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A practical guide on generating hellishly good ideas

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