A Practical Guide On
Generating Hellishly
Good Ideas

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A practical guide on generating

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What if you could
think like them?

By Paul Sobiecki

A practical guide on generating hellishly good ideas

Is there a way to consistently generate great ideas?


Worse, the internet is filled with completely ineffective strategies.

And it's not the end, it's even worse. Creativity is to some extent genetic.

But well, that's not the whole story...

Who am I to speak of creativity?

I am a theoretical physicist who has an incredible privilege to work on matters related to the Theory of Everything.

I am also a businessman who has built a business around creativity. I gathered a team to find out-of-the-box solutions to the problems our clients have.

I practice art in the spare time. My current focus is on hyperrealism.

What is the guide based on?

Over 200 business, science and productivity books, studies on the subject.

My personal experience in theoretical physics and business.

Private discussions with top businessman and scientists - I had an incredible privilege to discuss this issue with billionaires and a Nobel Price laureat.

Methods used by 43 people being at the top of their fields, including
Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Sam Walton, Andrew Carnegie, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Roger Penrose, Stephen Hawking

How is the guide structured?

  • 1. What to do to consistently come up with better ideas.
  • How to come up with out-of-the-box ideas that no one ever came up with.
  • How to generate plans that could get you even 10-20 times faster to your goals.
  • 2. Ready to go solutions to tackle present issues.
  • What to do when you don't have time to learn anything and you need solutions here and now.
  • 3. How to program your endeavors for innovation
  • How to structure your projects to maximaze true innovation as well as finding solutions outside the box.
  • This topic is valid for both individuals and teams.

Wide spectrum

Our methods are exceptional as they were not only based on how hyper-productive people think and work, but also how the most innovative companies operated to get where they are now. Among them are

The answered questions

How to become an idea machine
How to consistently have better ideas
How to become a master problem solver

How to move off the ground with finding an idea to a cetrain manne
How to have more ideas now
How to create novel ideas rather than just repeat them
How to look at a problem in a new way

How to review ideas
How to improve ideas
How to quickly express an idea
How to validate ideas

How to set goals
How to plan my journey towards a goal
How to start
What to do when "just do it" isn’t enough

How to focus
How to combat perfectionism
How to manage your time
How to accelerate towards a goal
How to have a better consistency in results

How to de-risk
How to make decisions


Our business is based on creativity. Both on the human side of it and the data analysis side.
It required us to go thorugh historical and presently practiced solutions to build a compendium of creativity.

And we did it.

Now we, as a team, decided to share with you the pinnacle - the strategies most consistent in generating results. Working with this methodology we are able to suprisingly frequently help businesses to get onto an exponential growth path and scientists to come up with breakthrough experimets and theories.

We believe in simplicity. Having that in mind, the process was distilled to a Triple Pareto state - that is to the 1% that can give you half of the results you would be likely to get after years of training. Read our 20 page guide to acquire the proficiency you would expect to get in a half of a 2000 page finest quality manuscript.

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A creativity guide based on data? Well, surprisingly good! One of the few things that actually made a difference in my life. I decided to implement 9 of the points/methods this guide presents. Then I stuggled to do so, but the guide was helpful in this manner as well. Reverse irony...? I think that I really skyrocketed since then. Now I am launching a business. It really seems to take off. Massively.


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A good guide. Very dense, but once one thinks through life applications of the points made there, it is very helpful. I am an artist, or at least I am in my spare time. With the help of this guide, I generated art good enough to have my first exhibition.


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I am a data scientist. I bought this guide because basically why not? It seemed to be cheap for the amount of the research this guys did. It was a good decision. I think that the most awesome think that happened is that I started to enjoy my work more. Like a lot. And of course got enormously better at it.


Data Scientist

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